Print Books with Foil or Varnish stamping


  • e-Books: $40-$60 (This price INCLUDES your ePUB format and Mobi format) • View Samples
  • Print Books: $80.00+  (prices higher if over 85K words) • View Samples
  • Uploading of books to platforms (Createspace, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, D2D): $30 per title
    *Note: If formatting was done 2+ years previous and you now require adjustments, there will be a fee to upgrade the file using our new software.


Let us take a look at your work and polish your story to a perfect shine!

  • Line Edits  •  $0.007 cents per WORD. (If we did your Developmental Edits, then your Line Edit is only $0.006 per word)
  • Developmental Edits Starting at $0.008 per word.  (subject to change once editor evaluates work)
  • Beta Reading (before edits) or Proof Read (after edits) • $ 0.006 cents per word. (If we did your line edits, then your proof read is only $0.005 per word)
  • FINAL READ • $250 (80K words or less)


Hate writing your back cover copy? Let us do that for you!


Up to 400 pages – $150 | Corrective Editing (ensures text on each page will look like your previous print book ) $225
Download Scanning Information  (Print Book will not be returned. Prices based on contracted work for ebook. )


  • Web Headers & Banners: $75-$100.00  • View Samples
  • Web ad: $50.00
  • Facebook & Twitter Timeline Graphics: $75.00
  • Website design starting at $1,400 • View Designs


  • Print Ads: $65.00
  • Logo Design: $75.00 •   View Samples
  • Postcards: $150.00 (4×6, Q: 1,000)
  • Bookmarks: $150.00 (2×8, Q: 1,000) • View Samples
  • Business Cards: $100.00 • (4 x 6, Q: 1,000)

Don’t see a service you need, please ask. Let’s talk and we can put together a plan to fit your budget!