shutterstock_399098170When it comes to building your following as an author it’s essential to know what content to use on social media. This week we’re sharing three more important components every post and tweet should include.

  1. Inspirational. People love to be inspired. Sharing fun, inspirational messages that motivate is a great way to engage followers.
  2. Educational. We’re hard on ourselves as writers, often beating ourselves up when in reality each of us is a wealth of knowledge. Consider sharing some of the writing tips you’ve learned over the years. You’ll help aspiring authors who in turn will share your posts with their followers as well as spread the word about your books.
  3. Pictures. As it turns out, pictures really are worth a thousand words and 53% more impressions (views) than any other type of post. Consider posting pictures and asking your followers, “What’s the one word you’d use to describe this?” There are all sorts of low cost stock-photo sites like, and where you can get great images. However, if you’re short on funds, consider free stock-photo sites like: ,, and .