shutterstock_332766110Part four of our Social Media Tricks for Building Your Following series brings us to the last three strategies. While these three strategies may seem like common sense, they’re also the most unknown.

  1. Calls to Action. You can grab more attention on Facebook, doubling engagement, by simply using words like “share” and “please.” Hashtags, no more than two per post, also help. Seven exclamation points get higher engagement!!!!!!! Did you also know that nine question marks create extremely high engagement too?????????
  2. Share, Like and Retweet. The old adage, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” also applies. It stands to reason that the more posts/tweets you share and retweet, the more likely your followers are of sharing and retweeting yours. So, share your fellow writers’ posts about their books, the ones you believe in, and when the time comes for your book’s release, they’ll be that much more likely to spread the word about yours.
  3. Know When to Post. According to Facebook marketing expert, Jon Loomer, it’s best to post two to four times a day. Posts made around 1 p.m. get the most shares. Those made at 3 p.m. get the most clicks/views. Posts made between 5 p.m and 1 a.m. get the most engagement.