RWA 2016With RWA 2016 right around the corner, thousands of romance authors across the country are full of excitement and butterflies. Whether it’s your first time going to RWA Nationals or your tenth, you want to be prepared for what promises to be the best conference of the year. Here are some things to consider before, during, and after San Diego.

Before the conference:

  • Pack business casual – sundresses, skirts, capris, comfortable walking shoes/sandals, cocktail dress and low heels for gala/awards ceremony Saturday night. Be sure to pack a sweater because some of the workshop rooms can be arctic.
  • Pack light – leave extra room in your suitcase for the books and swag you’ll collect and bring home. You can also save your back by shipping books and swag home. Just don’t wait until the last day.
  • Stock your purse with Tylenol or Advil and Bandaids. There’s nothing worse than having a headache and having to pay $5 for only a few pills at the hotel gift shop. Bandaids in your purse will be good for any blisters that may develop from all the walking. Again, wear comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t forget protein bars. With back-to-back workshops and a busy schedule, having protein bars in your purse will save you time and money.
  • Back up your laptop and phone – The last thing you want is to lose your cell phone or laptop. By backing them up before you leave home, your WIP and photos are safe at home. Laptops and cell phones are replaceable but your precious photos and hours of writing are not.
  • Write your pitch and practice pitching with your critique partners and friends.

Next week we will share tips for making the most of the conference while you’re there.