Making the Most of RWA Nationals 2016 Part 3

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20160715_151711   Now that you’ve had a few days to recuperate from RWA Nationals, it’s time to follow through with the new friends you made. The week after the conference:




  • Follow up with emails to the writers you met.
  • Connect/Follow the writers you met on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Connect with readers on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Connecting with readers is essential to building your following. Add the list of names you’ve collected to your newsletter mailing list. These are potential reviewers for your future releases.
  • Lastly, get writing and get ready for RWA 2017 in Orlando!

Making the Most of RWA Nationals 2016

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RWA 2016With RWA 2016 right around the corner, thousands of romance authors across the country are full of excitement and butterflies. Whether it’s your first time going to RWA Nationals or your tenth, you want to be prepared for what promises to be the best conference of the year. Here are some things to consider before, during, and after San Diego.

Before the conference:

  • Pack business casual – sundresses, skirts, capris, comfortable walking shoes/sandals, cocktail dress and low heels for gala/awards ceremony Saturday night. Be sure to pack a sweater because some of the workshop rooms can be arctic.
  • Pack light – leave extra room in your suitcase for the books and swag you’ll collect and bring home. You can also save your back by shipping books and swag home. Just don’t wait until the last day.
  • Stock your purse with Tylenol or Advil and Bandaids. There’s nothing worse than having a headache and having to pay $5 for only a few pills at the hotel gift shop. Bandaids in your purse will be good for any blisters that may develop from all the walking. Again, wear comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t forget protein bars. With back-to-back workshops and a busy schedule, having protein bars in your purse will save you time and money.
  • Back up your laptop and phone – The last thing you want is to lose your cell phone or laptop. By backing them up before you leave home, your WIP and photos are safe at home. Laptops and cell phones are replaceable but your precious photos and hours of writing are not.
  • Write your pitch and practice pitching with your critique partners and friends.

Next week we will share tips for making the most of the conference while you’re there.

Love Between the Covers to Release July 12th

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Love Between poster

Love Between the Covers is available for pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes and available at dozens of places folks like to get movies on July 12!

“A funny and inspiring look into the billion-dollar romance fiction industry and its powerhouse of female writers and readers, a sisterhood that’s pioneering the digital revolution while finding fortune, fulfillment, and a global community.”




New from Angela Quarles!

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New from Angela Quarles!

Available Sept. 3

Pre-Order now at your favorite retailer.

She’s finally met the man of her dreams. There’s only one problem: he lives in a different century.

“A fresh, charming new voice” – New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare


A mysterious artifact zaps Isabelle Rochon to pre-Victorian England, but before she understands the card case’s significance a thief steals it. Now she must find the artifact, navigate the pitfalls of a stiffly polite London, keep her time-traveling origins a secret, and resist her growing attraction to Lord Montagu, the Vicious Viscount so hot, he curls her toes.

To Lord Montagu nothing makes more sense than keeping his distance from the strange but lovely Colonial. However, when his scheme for revenge reaches a stalemate, he convinces Isabelle to masquerade as his fiancée. What he did not bargain on is being drawn to her intellectually as well as physically.

Lord Montagu’s now constant presence overthrows her equilibrium and her common sense. Isabelle thought all she wanted was to return home, but as passion flares between them, she must decide when her true home—as well as her heart—lies.



A reenactment ball was the perfect setting for romance. Or not.

Isabelle Rochon fidgeted in her oddly-shaped-but-oh-so-accurate ball gown, surrounded by women who’d sacrificed historical authenticity for sex appeal. Red carpet ball gowns in the nineteenth century, really? Once again she was like the dorky kid participating in dress-up day at school when everyone else had magically decided it was lame.

“Gah. I feel like a green robot with strange battle armor.” Isabelle pointed to her dark green dress, the shoulders flaring out almost to a point, exaggerating their width. “What were the fashionistas in 1834 thinking?”

“I have no bloody idea.” Jocelyn squeezed the poof of fabric at her shoulder. “These huge-ass sleeves are ridiculous.”

“Ah, screw it, we’re having fun, right? I’m not going to self-sabotage the ball. Not after all the time I spent obsessing over my costume.”

“And obsessing over the etiquette rules.”

“That too.” Besides, how fun was it to learn Jocelyn shared her obsession with guys in period clothes and bodice-ripper romances?

Isabelle eyed a guy strolling past in tight-fitting, buff-colored pantaloons. She pitched her voice to be heard over the string quartet. “Hmm. How about the clothes on that daring derriere?”

Jocelyn sucked on her olive and plopped the empty stir stick into her martini. “Oh, yes. Definitely a breech-ripper.”

Isabelle choked on her Bellini, the champagne fizz tickling her throat and nose. This was the first opportunity they’d had to socialize outside work, so she treated this moment delicately, afraid to puncture the mood. No need to point out he sported pantaloons, not breeches.

She should ease up on the drink, though. She didn’t want to get plastered at the Thirty-fourth Annual Prancing Through History Reenactment Ball.

Author Interview

Q. How long have you been writing?
I’ve been mainly non-fiction for a long time (20+years off and on), but started dabbling in fiction by way of Jane Austen fan fiction back in 2005. But that was still just a lark, and I didn’t get serious about writing as a viable career option until 2008.
Q. How many books have you written?
Fiction, I’ve written five, plus one novelette (published)
Q. What genre(s) do you write?
I write time travel romance, steampunk romance, and general paranormal romance
Q. What genre(s) do you read?
Oh wow, way more than I write. In fiction, in addition to the ones I write in, I read historical fiction, historical romance, some contemporary romance, science fiction, and some fantasy, as well as some regular commercial fiction like Christopher Moore. In non-fiction, it would be history and historical biographies
Q. What author makes you go all fan-girl?
Dead—Jane Austen. Living—hmm, I recently went all fan-girl when I met Kevin Hearne.
Q. What conference(s) are you scheduled to attend?
I usually attend Romance Writer’s of America’s national conference every year, as well as Dragon*Con. This year I will probably also attend Georgia RWA’s Moonlight & Magnolia’s conference.
Q. What is your favorite cover designed by The Killion Group?
Mine! Can I say that?

The Quick and Dirty
Sweet or salty? Salty
Chocolate or pizza? You’re killing me. I have to choose???
Coffee or tea? Tea
Wine, whiskey, or water? Whiskey
Beach or mountain vacation? Mountain
Alpha or Beta hero? Beta
Smooth or hairy chest hero? Smooth
Cowboy, Cop, Duke or Doctor? Duke

Learn more about Angela:
Other: Kobo:
Google Play:
Author Website:

Review for HIGHLAND HUNGER, Book 1, by Eliza Knight

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4 Hearts out of 5

Heat Rating:  Hot Pepper 


“Rules are important here. We heed them. Live by them. Die by them.”
ElizaKnight_HighlandHunger1_HRThis first installment of the Highland Hunger War Games by Eliza Knight was a fantastic start!

We’re introduced the games, which produces a winning male and female, providing the winners with status and wealth for five years, with a legend of games past that already has you wondering how much bloodshed there will be.

We first meet Ceana in the midst of her finding her brother dead. Being the only other eligible member of the clan, Ceana is named laird. With this new title, she sets out to prove her role and find peace among rivals by joining the games. She’s not the most skilled candidate, but what she lacks in strength, she makes up for with wit.
Our hero is the silent, brooding Highlander, Macrath, who is entered into the games by his wicked stepmother. He’s very confident in his ability to win the games since his life and pride are on the line.
When our two strong-willed characters meet on the first day of the games, they seem to have an instant attraction to one another. After being let loose to fend for themselves they find one another in the woods where they grasp on to one another to keep alive.

The novella does leave you hanging waiting for the second of the five games to start, but I’m certain the wait will be well worth it. It’s fast paced and well written tale. You’ll be sure to 1-Click the next installment!




Killion Heat Level Rating System:

Sweet Pepper – no sex, maybe no kissing

Mild Pepper – no sex or implied sex only/ bedroom door closed sex

Hot Pepper – sex but not graphic descriptions or sex words used

Flamin’ Hot Jalapeño Pepper – anything goes sex, including anal sex, BDSM, M/M, ménage etc.

Highland Hunger from Eliza Knight !

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Coming August 11th from Eliza Knight !

ElizaKnight_Highland#24E843An unclaimed land in the Scottish isles is ruled by the male and female victors in a series of war games every five years. Named Chief and Lady of the land, they rule the vast holding, and protect the people by divine right, until the next game begins.

After her brother’s death Ceana is named laird. The only way for her clan to survive the ravages of the Highlands is to join in the war games. Bastard son of a powerful earl, Macrath is placed in the games by his vengeful stepmother. He must survive for the ultimate retribution.

Ceana can’t stand the arrogant Highlander who seems to be following her, and yet she can’t seem to walk away. Macrath wants nothing more than to be rid of the woman who keeps stealing his weapons. What starts out as a race to survive turns into passion to endure together.

May the gods be ever in their favor…



A land lays unclaimed on the windswept north shore of the western isles.

Once, on these isles, Sìtheil Castle flourished under the rule of Olaf the Black. King Olaf was powerful, his army strong and his determination to keep what was his, fervent. Under his rule the clan was revered as one of the most powerful within all the realm. Unsurpassed in its wild and enchanting beauty, surrounding clans wanted desperately to enjoy the fruits of Olaf’s land, the comforts and protection of the castle stronghold. But the thick stone walls could not defend against the vicious plague that killed nearly everyone who resided there. Those who were left alive were at the mercy of their neighbors. Men who’d once watched with envious eyes from afar took up arms against the weakened holding—killing King Olaf. Unaware of what was happening so far away, the ruling Scottish council could not help the few survivors, and soon neighboring clans—and even those as far as the northern isles—began laying siege to Sìtheil, declaring war against each other.

Olaf’s widow fought fiercely to keep her son Gillemorre’s claim and inheritance, but was eventually defeated.

With constant bloodshed, the land fell into disarray. Crops dried up and disappeared. Animals died. Children starved. Some survivors fled into the woods, only to be devoured by the wild, ravenous beasts within the dark and vast recesses. Many succumbed to the swords brought down upon them by their cruel enemies, but one survivor escaped—Gillemorre. Facing danger—and death—he stole a small boat in the night and braved the rough waters to the main land, where he made the journey to Scone. He met and pleaded with the king on behalf of his holding and the few survivors he hoped existed. The king believed he would have to reign in a horde of barbarians and so he tasked his council with making a decision on the fate of Sìtheil.

The council members decreed that only the fiercest of rulers would be able to keep the people of Sìtheil safe. Better yet—two fierce warriors. Only those who hungered for victory, would be able to restore order.

And so there would be war games.

Every five years a series of games would commence between the warring clans—and each clan would sacrifice two warriors—a male and female. There could be only two winners. One male. One female.

To be married and named Chief and Lady of the land. To live in the grand castle rule the vast holding, and protect the people by divine right.

May the gods be forever in their favor…

Game on.

Look for the first game of HIGHLAND HUNGER releasing August 11th!


How long have you been writing? I’ve been actively writing since I was six years old, but professionally for eight years.

How many books have you written? OMG… Written—probably 40. Published 34 (including novellas).

What genre(s) do you write? I think a better question is what genres don’t I write 😉  I’ve been published in historical romance, time-travel, erotic romance, contemporary romance and historical fiction.

What genre(s) do you read? I love to read almost anything, but I typically pick up a lot of women’s fiction, erotica and non-fiction. Though, I’m a sucker for a historical!

What author makes you go all fan-girl? Julie Garwood! I was so excited to meet her last year!

What conference(s) are you scheduled to attend? I just left the RWA Con in San Antonio. Next up for me is the Baltimore Book Festival in Sept and the Philly Author Fest in November.

What is your favorite cover designed by The Killion Group? I have adored all of the covers designed by TKG, but my absolute favorite to date (and I can’t pick one!) are the serial covers for my upcoming release HIGHLAND HUNGER.

The Quick and Dirty

Sweet or salty? Both! Chocolate with a little salt sprinkled on top.

Chocolate or pizza? Oh, god, really???? Can’t I have both???

Coffee or tea? You guys are torturing me. BOTH.

Wine, whiskey, or water? Oh, for sure wine!!!!

Beach or mountain vacation? Depends on the weather, but I’ll go with beach.

Alpha or Beta hero? ALPHA!!!!

Smooth or hairy chest hero? I like a little hair—not a lot.

Cowboy, Cop, Duke or Doctor? DUKE, all dark and mysterious…

We got a blog!

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Stock Images

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The Killion Group strives to offer the best stock imagery for our clients. Whether you need contemporary, inspirational, or paranormal, we do our best through professional photo shoots, to provide materials for your next project.

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